Where To Place A Hot Tub

After buying that much desired hot tub, you now have to think about the its best location. These are some tips to keep mind when choosing a hot tub location.

Safe and Reinforced Locations

Your hot tub needs to be placed on a level surface that can comfortably bear its weight. Concrete about ten centimeters thick and reinforced with steel cross bars is the most suitable surface for a hot tub.

Your choice of location should facilitate easy access to the spa’s internal or external components. Be sure to position the hot tub in such a way that it satisfies your city code stipulations.

For your safety, you should ensure that the distance between the spa and overhead power lines exceeds ten feet.

Placing the Hot Tub Indoors

Placing a hot tub indoors comes with many challenges. The first main concern you’ll have with an indoor spa has to do with ventilation. A spa normally releases lots of steam when in operation and sufficient ventilation will help in avoiding moisture accumulating on the ceiling, walls, and floor.

You’ll also have to think about drainage. Spas require draining once in about four months and the large volume of water isn’t easy to drain manually. Before placing the hot tub indoors you can prepare a drainage system that connects to the sewage drains. You can also opt to buy a submersible pump to eject water from the hot tub. Alternatively, you can purchase a hot tub that comes with a water hose connection underneath. This will definitely make your task easier.

What About an Outdoors Hot Tub?

Placing the hot tub in the outdoors comes with fewer complications about drainage and ventilation. Making sure the spa has a firm foundation and is protected from dirt and debris are important for the tub to work properly.

Because the hot tub will be exposed to outdoor elements, you'll need to change the water more frequently. Placing a cover over the hot tub when it's not used will help keep it clean as well as keep children from falling inside.

Hot tubs in a Screened-In Porch

A screened-in porch as a location for your hot tub is a good compromise between the indoor and outdoor options. The tub will be clean, like in the indoors, and issues of ventilation won’t be a hindrance. You still have to think about the drainage system, but with a water hose connection beneath the tub, this won’t be a major worry.