Where To Place An Outdoor Pergola

A pergola is a simple structure that has been in use for centuries, serving both decorative and practical purposes. One of the earliest uses of a pergola was in agriculture, providing a structure on which grapevines and other edible plants could grow. When it comes to home exterior landscaping, pergolas can be used in a variety of different points to accent your outdoor décor.


An entryway pergola can act as shade overhang and architectural accent welcoming visitors into the home. These are simple structures comprised of two post supports with the back pergola roof attached to the exterior wall above the building entryway. Trellised vine plants add an extra embellishment enhancing your home entryway.

Patio Cover

A variation on the entryway pergola is a patio cover. The same type of construction is applicable to building a patio pergola that can enhance your enjoyment while sitting under the shade it can provide.

Accent Gateway

An accent gateway pergola can be either square or arched design that calls attention to a side or back entry to the house or creates an archway into teh garden. Place it leading to a garden or access to a walkway.

Shade the Tub

A great idea for use of either an attached or freestanding pergola, depending on location need, is providing shade for an outdoor hot tub. Pergolas, although usually designed with slatted beamed roof tops, can be designed and constructed with a canopy look providing a full-shade shelter if desired. A pergola with a front swinging gate can also visually hide your hot tub when desired.

Swing in the Shade

Place a freestanding pergola over your favorite hammock or backyard swing providing a cool and relaxing atmosphere when enjoying your backyard setting.

Deck Pergolas

Adding a pergola to your backyard deck is a beautiful, yet simple, enhancement and a manageable do-it-yourself woodworking project. Deck pergolas can add shade to an otherwise exposed entertainment area without a great deal of heavy-duty construction. Possibly set a picnic table upon the deck and instead of using the standard umbrella, construct a deck pergola matching your deck wood choice and complimenting your backyard décor.

Garden Pergolas

Constructing a garden pergola is an excellent way to introduce vine plants to your garden by providing a trellis-like structure for their placement. Pergolas also make excellent structures for hanging plants and can be added to existing greenhouses or used as freestanding structures. Lattice work added to the sides of a pergola provides a perfect place for clinging vines to grow and climb.

Make sure to check the many online sources for other pergola ideas and free building plans. You may find you’d like to coordinate the creation of multiple pergolas for different uses throughout your yard. For people who are hammer and nail phobic, many manufacturers offer pre-cut, and ready-to-assemble pergola kits to fit any need you could possibly imagine. These kits are available in wood, metal, plastic and vinyl to add great accent to your home exterior life.