Where To Place Planter Boxes

Planter boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a customizable choice for designing a container garden. Planter boxes are an excellent place to have an annual flower garden because you can experiment with an array of plants; simply diversify the species you plant in the planter boxes annually.

Deciding where to place your planter boxes is a task that you should spend some time considering. Primarily you should consider the lighting requirements of the plants in your planter boxes.

If you have shade loving plants, you may choose to place the planter boxes under an awning where they will remain shaded throughout the day. Conversely, if you have planted species that require full sun, the best place to put the planter boxes would be in an area where the plants will receive sun throughout the entire day.

If you choose to raise species that require full sun, the soil in your planter boxes will dry out quickly. If ignored, the sun will eventually pull all of the moisture out of the potting soil, leaving it nearly impenetrable. Therefore, develop a watering schedule that is appropriate for the area where you have placed your planter boxes.