Where to Plant a Knock Out Rose

The Knock Out Rose is one of the toughest rose varieties. It is happy in full or partial sun, tolerant of many different soil types, and can be grown in most climate zones. Because they bloom most of the summer, these roses make a popular landscape decoration, either around the home, or along the the length of a fence line.

Soil for Knock Out Roses

The best soil for a Knock Out Rose is rich in nitrogen and potassium. To condition the soil before planting, add 1/4 cup of bone meal to a shovelful of sifted compost, and mix it well into the soil. If you suspect a high soil acidity, add 2 or 3 ounces of gypsum for each plant.

Sun and Shade

Bare root roses prefer open sunlight. When possible avoid putting into a shaded area, and never plant on in a place that is completely shade-bound. Partial shade is acceptable, but direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours a day is the best solution.

Climate and Knock Out Roses

This rose bush is not choosy about climate. The only consideration that needs to be taken is to protect the plant against hard freezes and frosts. The first green shoots will appear in early spring, and the plant is normally in full bloom by mid-March.