Which Aluminum Siding Colors to Choose and Why?

The aluminum siding colors you have to choose from depend on where you shop for the siding. There are so many to choose from that sometimes it can be a conundrum. You should consider many environmental issues as well as physical attributes of your home when you are picking the colors for your siding.

Environmental Considerations


If you live in the southern sunny states consider colors that won't fade. Some colors, like reds or oranges, have a higher chance of fading, so when living in a sunny area you do not wish to choose peach, apricot, terracotta, or like colors. They will fade quickly. Consider choosing a beige, sage, or almond color to maintain the beauty for a longer period of time.

Temperature Variances

Darker colors are more likely to absorb heat where lighter colors will reflect sun. In temperature varied regions you should pick a central color, like a darker beige, oranges, like terracotta or peach. In this way you will be able to reflect some of the sun as well as absorb enough to help with energy efficiency all year long.

Physical Considerations

Choose a color of siding that will enhance the appearance of your architecture to beautify not embellish. For example you should not put Victorian inspired dark greens and bold blues on your modern ranch home.