Which Cheap Front Doors to Select

There is a whole list of materials from which you can make cheap front doors, but the most common materials are wood, steel and aluminium. Such materials can help you make doors that do not cost a lot of money, but you still have to be very careful because cheap material tends to decay and weaken quickly over time.

1 – Wooden Front Doors

Most people still prefer wood to make front doors. These doors are renowned for being beautiful and versatile at the same time. Once the work is done, you can choose to apply a natural finish on the door. You can select the type of wood from a wide choice. The various types of wood include walnut, oak, cherry, fir, maple, pine and mahogany.

Keep in mind that you have to pay more if the wood is solid. It is highly recommended that you choose wooden front doors that have at least a veneer with a thickness of about one-sixteenth of an inch. The average wooden door costs about $200 in its cheapest form. However, doors made from solid wood are the most expensive, with a cost varying from $2000 to $4000.

Remember to purchase a stain or finish as well when you pay a visit to your local store to buy wooden doors that are pre-finished. The best type which you can find is polyurethane stain and finish. However, if you decide that you want to paint your wooden door, then buy a sheen that has a high gloss because it is able to protect painted wood in the most efficient manner. Keep in mind that you must always apply the stain or finish to both vertical edges of the door. In this way, you will avoid absorption of humidity and moisture.

2 – Steel Front Doors

Steel front doors are renowned for being durable and secure. If you decide to purchase a door that is made from steel, you can put your mind to rest that your door is strong enough, much stronger than doors made from wood or fiberglass. Steel doors are immune to cracks and if you see a ding or dent on it, you can simply use an auto-body repair kit to solve the problem.

Compared to wooden doors, steel doors cost less because their price starts from about $150. It is often said that if you install lights on the sides of a steel door, it may cost you just the same as a wooden door.

Keep in mind that these steel doors have a frame inside, which may be made of wood or steel. If the frame is made of steel, then the door will be much stronger than another steel door that has a frame made from wood. After being manufactured, a steel door is given a polyester coating and this requires that you paint it again for a period of time.

3 – Aluminium Front Doors

These doors made from aluminium are similar to steel doors because both feature a skin that is made of metal. Aluminium doors are given a coating after manufacturing as well, but the coating is enamel, not polyester. However, aluminium doors are a bit more expensive than wooden and steel doors. The cost of such aluminium doors starts at $600, on average.