Which Door Threshold Works Best with Which Flooring

A door threshold is an important aspect of your home's structure. They can wear out and need to be updated occasionally.

Importance of a Threshold

That is where door thresholds come in. A door threshold helps form a tight seal between an exterior door and the interior of the house. This seal is important because it can save on heating and cooling costs. A good door threshold keeps warm summer air out and the cool air generated by air conditioning in. These door thresholds do more than help regulate temperature as well. A tight seal can prevent dust, dirt, leaves and even small pests from getting in the home. Because of this, a door threshold can work to maintain a home’s appearance as well as regulate its temperature.

Working with Different Floors

Not every door threshold will work with every type of flooring. If you are looking at improving your home or improving the temperature control features, you have to make sure you choose the right type of threshold for the flooring you currently have installed. The same is true if you intend to install a new type of flooring.

Garage Doors

With a cement slab like most garage floors have, a rubber gasket type of door threshold is often the best. Durability is important in garage door thresholds, as they must hold up under the pressure of both the garage door above it as well as cars driving over it. That is why a rubber door seal, laid down directly underneath the garage door and held in place by a sturdy glue, is the best type of door threshold for garage doors. The garage door itself is a major component of this, as its weight helps to form a tight seal.

Wood or Tile Floors

For wood or tile floors that come up to exterior doors inside the house a wood or aluminum door threshold is often best. A wooden threshold can be shaped to match the exact size needed. It can also match the grain of wood in order to be aesthetically pleasing. These types of threshold can be stained to match the wood’s color as well. For tile floors, an aluminum door threshold is often best. It can be caulked to form an airtight seal and rubber gasket can help seal the area between the door and threshold.

Different floors will require different thresholds. The height of the floor as well as the material are important consideration when you look at installing a threshold.