Which Electric Drills Work Best on Brick and Cement?

There are different types of electric drills that are manufactured. These differences includes who makes the drill, the speed of the drill and how effective the drill is in working with different types of materials. Some drills are designed to work with power cords connected to a power source, while other types can work on a cordless basis, using a rechargeable battery. Some drills work better with wood and drywall, while others can be used in concrete or brick.

The best type of drill, particularly cordless electric drills, that works with brick and cement is the kind that has a lot of power and is designed specifically for this purpose. This type of cordless electric drill are the hammer-type cordless power drills. They are made by such manufacturers as Hitatchi, DeWalt and Bosch. They are built to handle the requirements of drilling into hard surfaces such as brick and concrete without breaking down.

Cordless Electric Hammerdrill Costs

A cordless electric hammerdrill should cost around $300 to $600, depending on the voltage of the drill. A 14 volt cordless electric hammerdrill is on the low end of the price range, while a 36 volt would be on the upper end. These types of electric drills have a long lasting lithium battery and are designed to hold a single charge for several hours during use.

Determining the Best Brand for You

Determing the brand, voltage and type of cordless electric hammerdrill that is best suited for your brick and concrete project is a matter of preference and choice. You can look at comparative reviews in such sources as Consumer Reports, and other third party rating services can help you narrow the range of choices for your cordless electric hammerdrill. You can also ask a retailer for information about the types of cordless electric hammerdrills that are easy to use for your home improvement or do-it-yourself project.

Getting Information from a Contractor

A contractor or tradesperson can provide you information on the best brand or type of cordless electric hammerdrill. Cost is certainly a big consideration when buying a cordless electric hammerdrill, but cost alone should not be the only consideration for your purchase. You want to make sure that the cordless electric hammerdrill that you purchase for your brick and concrete project is durable, easy to use, and has all of the warranty protections in the event that the product fails to meet expectations and needs.

Using Your Cordless Electric Hammerdrill

Once you have the cordless electric hammerdrill that is best suited for the job that you need it for, be sure to register all of the warranty information and prepare it to be used. You want to make sure that it feels comfortable to you when in use and it performs the job function.