Which Hot Water Supply Works Best for Your Outdoor Shower?

If you live near the beach, investing in an outdoor shower might be a viable option for your family. Outdoor showers make cleaning up after a day of romping in the ocean easier and hassle-free. Outdoor showers are also a convenient way to freshen up after working in the garden or performing dirty jobs around the house.

Different Types of Water Heaters for Your Outdoor Shower

There are different methods of obtaining hot water for your outdoor showers. The easiest option is to have your outdoor shower installed near your house and to attach an underground pipe that connects to your home hot water supply. Other options are to go portable. There are options such as tankless, propane, electric, gas and solar water heaters. Tankless hot water heaters heat up the water as you use them. Propane water heater is portable. Gas and electric water heaters last longer than most water heaters. Solar water heaters are the newest innovation in this area. They are more expensive but uses less energy once it gets going.

Choosing the Right Water Heater

Gas heats water faster than most. Tankless heaters take up less space but is slow. Solar is the most expensive but earth friendly. In the end, choosing the type of water heater that works best for you is up to the kind of financial resource you might have, and whether you are looking for a permanent or a temporary fix to your outdoor shower’s hot water supply.