Which Shower Floor Does Your Outdoor Shower Need?

When erecting an outdoor shower, careful consideration must be given to the type of flooring that you use. The location of the shower will, to a large extent, dictate what type of flooring that you should use. Suitable drainage should be available before beginning construction.

Suitable Drainage

If positioning over sandy soil, all that may be needed is an opening in the floor. However ground with slow drainage will need something more elaborate. The residue from shampoo and soap can clog any drainage system. This residue may also harm any garden plants.

Various Types

Any shower floor whether stone, wood or any other material should be rot and slip resistant and be comfortable under the feet. Stone is pleasant after being warmed by the sun. Limestone and bluestone are good but should be spaced to drain properly. For wood decking, mahogany or cedar should be considered. Fir and pressure treated decking should be avoided as they splinter easily. A frame below the deck should provide air space for drying. A concrete pad may be constructed using a concrete cement mix. After the mix has been poured the surface should be smoothed with a trowel to remove the bumps and loose ends.

Correct Flooring

The water from the shower should pass through a drainage hole. Care must be taken that the water does not collect and stagnate. The floor should slope slightly for the water to run off.