Which Spray Nozzle Fits Your Solar Water Fountain Needs?

A solar water fountain is an attractive addition to any home or garden which is friendly to the environment as well. Although the usual place for such a fountain is in gardens, it is now seen more frequently on many homes and business establishments. If placed indoor, a fountain will add humidity to the air, creating a healthier home environment. This is especially true in areas where there is a winter season. At this time of the year, the air inside houses and buildings often becomes dry. This causes lips to crack and skins to be dehydrated. You can solve this problem with an air humidifier but the device is not attractive to the eye. They also tend to be noisy.

Hence a solar water fountain is always a good alternative. Aside from providing humidity, such a fountain adds an attractive harmony because of its sound and sight that is soothing to the senses. Great spots for an indoor solar fountain include offices, entryways, living rooms and bedrooms. But how can a solar powered water fountain function indoors? The answer lies with the detached solar panel that you can place as far as fifteen feet away from the fountain. You can place this panel in a sunny location while the fountain itself is indoors.

Types of Water Fountains

There are two basic types of water fountains that you can have. This is the ornamental statuary and the spray or fountain jets. A solar water fountain belongs to the spray or fountain jet category and is composed of a jet nozzle or ring which is attached to the outlet pipe of the pump, located above the water level of the pond.

Selecting Your Nozzle Kit

There are a  wide variety of nozzle kits to choose from which will provide your solar water fountain with interesting spray patterns. However, in choosing the spray nozzle for your water fountain, you have to consider its location and how the spray will be impacted by the wind. If the fountain is located in an outdoor area that is windy, your nozzle should not create a stream that is too high. The wind will blow a lot of the water out of the catch basin of the fountain thereby requiring you to replenish the water supply constantly. This can be quite a chore especially if you are always busy.

The nozzle for your solar water fountain should not create a spray that can douse guests, if your fountain is in an area where you normally entertain them. It should also be compatible with the size and style of your chosen fountain pump. There are usually details that are printed on its package which will also allow you to determine the style and height of the water spray.

Since the spray nozzle for your solar powered water fountain is constantly in contact with water, it is best that you get a model that is made from brass. This type of metal has a very high resistance to corrosion, which is ideal for wet applications.