Which Window Frame Types are Most Affordable?

When replacing existing windows or looking for windows for a new home, there are a lot of window frame to choose from out there. In addition to the types and styles of window frames, budget also has to be considered. Window frames do more than hold the glass in the wall; they add character to the home depending on their material, finish or style. It may be easy to just replace the window frames with the exact same style as before. A lot of homeowners are finding it easier to upgrade with frames that are more energy efficient. The window frames will have to best suit your needs.

Aluminum Window Frames

Aluminum window frames are light, easy to clean and strong. They are not energy efficient, however, and can attract condensation. The aluminum window frames are popular and very affordable. A lot of home builders use them because they are versatile and have quite a few style options. Aluminum window frames are at a mid range cost. They cost more than vinyl but less than wood.

Aluminum Clad Window Frames

Aluminum clad frames gives you the natural beauty of a wooden window frame on the inside, and the protection and durability from the elements that aluminum frames offer. Aluminum clad window frames are high in quality, but fall in a low price range.

Vinyl Window Frames

Vinyl window frames are not really less in cost than an aluminum or traditional wood window frame. Vinyl frames do have advantages over these two. The vinyl window frames will not suffer much from weather damage and can come in double and triple pane. This gives it a higher insulation value. Vinyl window frames are placed at a low to mid price range.

Vinyl Clad Window Frames

Vinyl clad window frames have the traditional wood frame on the inside, and the outside part protected by a vinyl covering. Vinyl clad frames have built in insulation properties to help reduce energy.

Wood Window Frames

Wood window frames have been used for centuries. They still remain to be the traditional choice in window frames in spite of the synthetics. Wood window frames give great thermal performance while maintaining a natural look. Quality wood window frames are highly priced.

Fiberglass Window Frames

Fiberglass window frames are new to the market. They are strong and barely contract or expand due to weather change. Fiberglass window frames pricing actually match the cost of quality wood window frames. Fiberglass window frames, at a mid price range, cost 15 to 30% more than the vinyl but not as much as wood frames.


The exact cost of window frames is debatable due to the size, type and cost of installation. The window frame types listed are placed in a simple low, mid or high price range. The typical cost of window frames can range from $65 to over $500. It is best to consult with a glass specialist to compare pricing based on what your needs are.