White Decorating Ideas: An Elegantly White Bathroom

There are two key white decorating ideas you can employ for a bathroom that is decorated in white. White is typically used to open up a small bathroom; therefore, the color can be used to give dimension and "glam up" a bath in a number of settings.

Open Up the Area - Remove the Tub

One of the best ways to open up a bath is to remove the tub and install an all-white shower unit. While this sounds like substantial work, once the tub is removed, the actual installation of the shower unit takes less than a day. Select, for instance, a fiberglass unit or a sheet-molded design with a back wall that looks like it has been tiled. Many of these units do not need caulk for installation and can be placed in your bathroom using a tongue-and-groove type of format.

Use Travertine Tile for the Flooring

Travertine tile, a limestone material, is a good choice for the floor. Choose an ivory tile that is made of a polished finish, or you might try a more subdued, textured look or a matte tile. 

You can lend a bit of elegance to even the smallest bath. Using the above white decorating ideas can help in this regard.