White Decorating Ideas: Heirloom Pieces

Heirloom pieces can be anything from photographs to ornaments, or fabrics to furniture. When decorating in whites, heirlooms can be incorporated into the scheme if other decorative pieces are chosen to compliment them.


For photographs, choose white frames to suit the style of the room. Wooden frames are easy to paint and are less expensive when purchased raw. Color photographs reprinted in black and white also look good with a white scheme.


To store ornaments, purchase a white cabinet or repaint an old one. Ornaments will stay protected from dust and dirt; and blend in with the room.


If furniture is too valuable to paint, use white tablecloths and doilies on side tables, chests, and dressers. For sofas and chairs, white throws and cushions will bring everything together.


Quilts can either be used as throws or can be folded and placed on a chair or at the end of a bed. If a quilt is really precious, it can be displayed in a box frame and hung on a wall.

Clothing pieces can be framed in a box frame or can be displayed on a decorative coat hanger. When using a coat hanger, hang clothing flat against a wall or hang off a hat stand. Pins and tacks are handy for pinning the fabric into place.