Why Aluminum Porch Railings Have to be Powder Coated

Powder coated aluminum porch railings can be a long lasting solution to a maintenance-free, long-lasting railing system.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is usually a combination of phosphates and fine metal particles blended together to form a powdered metal coating. This coating can be applied to various outdoor construction materials to give them protection and longer life. Powder coating will slow down the rusting process and thus keep the material from premature weakening due to corrosion.

Why Porch Railings Should be Powder Coated

Porch railings need to be long lasting, good looking, and offer protection to your porch. Powder coating of porch railings will keep the railings looking new for years. Old rusted metal or rotten wood railings are unsafe and give a bad first impression of your porch and house. Usually the powder coated railings will be offered in various colors. Powder coating can also be painted to any color you choose if you are not pleased with the color offering at the store.

Powder coated porch railings are more expensive initially than regular treated wood or metal railing systems. They can last for many years though, making them less expensive over time.