Why are CFL Light Bulbs More Expensive

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CFL light bulbs, or Compact Florescent Lamps, are a great money saving alternative to power-hungry incandescent light bulbs. CFL light bulbs are considerably more expensive than incandescent bulbs at the cash register; however, there are many good reasons for the difference in price.

New Technology Always Costs More in the Beginning

Just like other innovative breakthroughs in technology, the research and development costs incurred by manufacturers in creating CFL bulbs was substantial. Therefore, producers of CFL lights will pass along the cost of developing the product for a period until they recoup their investments. However, just like the DVD Player (which was incredibly expensive when it was first introduced) and other technological marvels, you can expect to see the price of CFL light bulbs drop considerably over the next few years.

Pay More Now and Pay Less From Now On

Although CFL light bulbs come with a pretty hefty price tag, they can more than make up for the difference in price by helping you to save a bundle on your power bills every month. CFL bulbs provide high levels of brightness while using up to 75 percent less electricity than a incandescent bulb that provides as much light.

For example, a 40-watt incandescent bulb produces an average of about 450 lumens of light. A compact florescent light can produce the same 450 lumens of light - while consuming about eight to 10 watts of electrical power. The electric company charges you for electrical power based on the number of watts you use every month. So, it is easy to see how CFL bulbs can save you money.