Why are Strip Windows Popular in Modern Architecture?

Strip windows are popular in modern architecture styles and designs. They are popular because they epitomize the clean lines and uniformity that is sought in modern architecture design styles. Strip windows are typically cast in metal or wood encasements and do not differ from each other. They form a straight and uniform row that is a complimentary aspect of a modern architecture building style.

Where to Find Examples of Strip Windows in Modern Architecture

An example of strip windows in modern architecture styles can be found in office buildings build in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Rows of neatly aligned metal framed widows of equal height and spacing are the highlight of the window design. The use of strip windows in these buildings, built in the heyday of the modern architecture design period of the early to mid 20th century, made it easier for architectures to stay true to their design element.

Conformity to Form and Function

No other type of window design conforms to the form and function requirement of materials used in a modern architecture design like strip windows. They are easy to plan and install and do not deviate from any norms that are dictated by a modern architecture design plan.