Why Buy a Solar Roof Fan?

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A solar roof fan provides ventilation without tying into your home's electrical system. It operates through a solar panel, drawing power from the sun. Units are generally self-flashing and contain proper shielding from the elements.

Operating Costs

The most obvious benefit of solar-powered ventilating fans is the operating costs. Even though solar power may still be inadequate for some home power uses, it is sufficient to power this localized cooling option.

Electrical System

Another advantage is that professionals can install a solar roof fan without accessing your home's existing electrical system. Some people argue that having self-contained systems in a space such as an attic can help with certain fire safety issues. Regardless, you will save money by not having to call an electrician.

Longevity of Roofing Materials

Some roofing experts also contend that a solar roof fan will help your roof last longer. An under-ventilated attic may radiate more heat to the roof. While your roof is designed to take direct sunlight, its lifespan is still related to the amount of heat and light it receives over time.

Issues with Solar Roof Fans

In climates with high winds or frequent storms, the conventional solar roof fan may not be the best option. If you live in such an area, you can ask about getting a gable-installed fan or one that uses remote solar power.