Why Carhartt Has Been a Favorite Among Workers Since 1889

two workers on a boat in rugged clothes

Carhartt has long been a staple for durable workwear. And we're not talking office job, nine to five suits. We're talking clothing that's made to keep up with you outside, on the job, and through every DIY project imaginable. Carhartt carries a wide array of long-lasting clothing and accessories for men, women, and children so you can always dress well in reliable, rugged gear from head to toe.

woman working in overalls on a coast

Why Wear Workwear

Workwear is a necessity on job sites all around the world, and for DIYers, it's is especially valuable. Workwear enables you to get your job done safely and comfortably, without concern that your outfit might take a hit during a tough job, or fail to keep you covered.

Construction workers don't show up to work in skinny jeans and flip-flops. To be safe at work, construction workers need hard-toed shoes, covered arms and legs, and clothing flexible and functional enough to move with them as they maneuver. The same goes for any job with a physical aspect—dressing right keeps you safe and comfortable throughout your shift.

These classic loose-fit work pants, for example, present a clean, professional look with a rugged, durable fabric.

worker carrying metal bar

What to Look for in Good Workwear

Good workwear has a few key hallmarks. First, good workwear is made with quality, breathable materials, and structured with comfortable fits. No one wants stiff, sweaty clothes that don't move with you as you navigate a job site.

It's also important that your gear be long-lasting. Your workwear is an investment, and if you don't want to be buying new clothes for work every few months, it's important to pick strong, quality items, like these denim overalls with triple-stitched seams.

worker in construction factory

Clothing That Works Harder

If your job keeps you outside or requires physical labor, you know that you can't just wear anything to work. It's worth it to skip the cheap clothing and spend just a little more on clothing that is made to outlast the job. From construction projects on-site or in the garage to leading a fishing expedition down the Buffalo River, the need for comfortable and durable clothing isn't going out of style any time soon.

Carhartt's design team is out on the job and in the field asking real workers what they really need out of their clothing so that every new design is just a little more innovative than the last. Comfort and durability are a must when you're asking your clothes to keep up with you on the job. And that's what Carhartt is providing with every piece of clothing, from sturdy, comfortable outerwear to reliable, affordable T-shirts.

worker in tee shirt

Not Your Grandpa's Overalls

Though your grandpa may own a pair of Carhartt overalls, these coveralls are anything but old school or ordinary. We love painting in our Carhartt overalls because we are comfortable and completely covered as we run up and down ladders, slapping paint on walls. Add a breathable Carhartt tee underneath and we're one happy painter.

Carhartt has been around since before your grandpa's time we'd reckon, but that doesn't mean that you're buying the exact same thing your grandparents bought years ago. It means that Carhart has had over a hundred years to innovate and perfect. This canvas bomber jacket, for instance, has a classic look that's both functional and fun.

woman in overalls with power sander

Hats Off to Carhartt—Trend Alert

Over the past few years, workwear has made its way into the mainstream and that means brands like Carhartt aren't just durable work clothing—they're fashionable, durable work clothing. Most notably, Carhartt hats and beanies are making a splash in the world of outdoor fashion. Your favorite hiking, biking, backpacking, or camping blogger has likely posted in these hats. And, because Carhartt is so affordable, you can jump on the trend for under twenty dollars.

Because Carhartt hats and beanies are built to last, so they can become lifelong style pieces. We'd like to consider ourselves ahead of the curve because we've been rocking that brown Knit Cuffed Beanie since 2008.

woman pushing wheelbarrow with hay

The Official Clothing of DIY

For DIYers, Carhartt is a no brainer. Especially if you're knee-deep in woodworking, painting, or crafting that keeps you on your feet and on the move, Carhartt is for you. It's classic. It's comfortable. It's durable. And it's fashion-forward.

Because Carhartt offers clothing for men, women, and children, every DIY fanatic has something they can buy here that fits their style and work needs. Especially if you're flipping a house or even just redoing a room, we believe in dressing the part for a better time on the job.

We know contractors who buy Carhartt for their whole team. We know painters who exclusively use Carhartt in their studios. When we sat down to find the official, unofficial clothing of DIYers and doers, Carhartt was the clear answer.

worker in denim overalls with large metal object

Carhartt was founded by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889, and it's been proudly owned and operated by the same family ever since. Built around the values of hard work, dependability, honesty, and trust, Carhartt supports charitable organizations like Skills USA and Convoy of Hope to contribute to the health, education, and security of upcoming generations.

Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, Carhartt employs more than 5,500 associates worldwide.