Why Children's Furniture is not a Good Idea

Although children’s furniture is relatively inexpensive and gives the younger members of your family their own, scaled-down places to sit, eat or play, there are some downsides to filling your home with furniture meant for little ones. The main reason why children’s furniture is not a good idea is that your children quickly outgrow it. Other reasons include possibly poor quality of the furniture, and small parts and/or toxic chemicals might be used in its production. Two other things come to mind as well. Children like to imitate their parents. Parents do not use children’s furniture, so it is reasonable to assume that children will not want to use it for long either. Lastly, although it is important to give children things of their own that are not just toys, children’s furniture could clutter up an otherwise spacious room. 


Children Grow Fast

You could conceivably spend a lot of money on children’s chairs, a table, bed, even a miniature sofa. While it may seem to be a good idea when you purchase them, because children grow so fast the furniture does not get much use before it’s too small. Of course, there is good reason to have a bed for your child that is smaller and covered in cool designs, but it may make more sense to provide one that can be used until their teenage years. In purely economical terms, children’s furniture can largely be a waste of money because it is outgrown so quickly.


Furniture Quality

Children’s furniture is usually not designed to last for a long time. Because manufacturers know that it won’t last very long, quality obsolescence is the order of business. In other words, it should not be made to last because it will soon be thrown out or given away anyway. This can be problematic for a number of reasons. Poorly built furniture for children could lead to it breaking and hurting your little one. If it is very cheap, there may be small parts such as nuts, bolts and other fasteners that curious children can remove and swallow. Since a lot of children’s furniture is painted or designed to be flashy, with bright colors or decals from their favorite toys and movies, it is a good bet that the furniture is covered with chemicals. That, if nothing else, should steer you away from cheap children’s furniture. 


Children want to be Grownup 

Like it or not, children want to imitate their parents and older siblings. If they see their parents sitting on the family couch or eating at the grownup table, how long do you expect they will want to use their children’s furniture. Although they may not be able to express their indignation, children will eventually feel patronized despite first feeling excited by having their own furniture. They are, after all, little human beings. They will likely want to sit and eat with you and other grownups. 

There are, of course, exceptions to these rules. Some children may absolutely adore their little chair or table, but that still does not solve the economic problem with children’s furniture. They will still outgrow it, and you will be left with a cheap piece of furniture. If you do decide to buy furniture for your children, designate an area of the house for it, whether it is in their room or in a playroom. That way you can maintain the presence and style of the other parts of the house.