Why Choose Hickory Laminate Flooring Over Other Wood?

wood flooring
  • 4-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 400-4,000

Hickory Laminate flooring is the laminate flooring designed to look like hickory. But while hickory laminate flooring may look like natural wood, it is actually made up of plywood, plastic, resin, and other artificial compounds. That is why the type of wood that the laminate flooring is supposed to represent has no bearing on the flooring’s actual quality.

Understanding Hickory Laminate Flooring

Like other types of laminate flooring, hickory laminate flooring is made up of several layers. Each is designed to perform a distinct function, but together, they work to shield the flooring from damages, ensuring it will remain appealing. That is why the quality of the flooring depends on the quality of individual layers.

Melamine Wearlayer—a clear resin-filled membrane that coats the top of the flooring, shielding the layers beneath if from stains, scratches, burns and small concentrations of moisture.

Film Print—the texture that gives the hickory laminate flooring its hickory-like appearance. The film print is usually based on natural textures, but in many cases, those textures are manipulated to make the flooring look more even and aesthetically pleasing.

Core—a high-density fiberboard, it is designed to absorb impact. In some models, melamine plastic resins are incorporated into the core’s design, creating additional protection against moisture.

Backing—a melamine plastic layer, it lies between the floor and the sub-flooring. In many cases, it has to be installed separately from the rest of the floor. Its primary purpose is to provide additional structural stability. It is also designed to absorb any damage that the above layers fail to stop.

Reasons to Choose Hickory Laminate Flooring

When the laminate flooring’s hickory appearance has no bearing on the flooring’s quality, there are still many reasons why one should consider hickory laminate flooring. Some of those reasons are specific to this particular type of flooring, while others apply to all types of laminated flooring in general.

Aesthetics—hickory flooring can make the room look more traditional and, by extension, more dignified. Its colors can compliment the room’s overall palette. It can go well with carpets, furniture, and textiles.

Cost-Effectiveness—While the above aesthetic benefits can be achieved with natural hickory flooring, hickory laminate flooring is significantly more affordable. Furthermore, some of the flooring can be installed without glue, which saves on the installation costs.

Ease of Installation—Generally speaking, hickory laminate flooring is easier to install than non-laminate flooring. So long as the directions are followed to the letter, even those who do not have any professional experience can install it.

Ease of Cleaning—Hickory laminate flooring can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth or a mop.