Why Choose Plastic Wall Panels?

Plastic wall panels are a type of wall covering that offers many uses and benefits. Although not as recognized as wood panels, wall panels made from plastic are durable and cost-effective.

Variety in Design and Finish

Plastic wall panels are available in a wide range of designs and finishes. With a multitude of colors, textures, and designs to choose from, you can achieve any design look you want. You can even find a plastic wood panel that has a wood grain finish. Plastic wood panels can also accommodate other natural finishes including marble and stone.

More Cost Effective

Without a doubt, plastic wall panels are cheaper than their other counterparts. The production and manufacture of these panels is far lesser than that of wood panels. In this regard, you can afford to purchase more. Also, most plastic wall panels do not require any further finishing like painting since they are already made ready-to-install cutting back on cost furthermore.

Many Applications

One of the main benefits of using plastic wall panels is that it has many uses. Unlike wood panels, plastic is more kind to wear and tear. It is also used as a protective measure in several establishments including supermarkets and hospitals or in areas where high foot traffic is expected. Since plastic is not as vulnerable as wood panels, you can expect that it can withstand any damages and in the event that it is totally damaged you can replace it easily. You can also find plastic wall panels in schools where it can provide some sort of protection, not only to the kids but to the walls themselves.

Easy Installation

Plastic wood panels are easier to install than other forms of wood paneling. They are designed for quick cutting and installation. This type of wood panel can also be used on almost any type of surface including uneven ones. There is no need for heavy equipment to make modifications in the size and shape of a plastic wall panel.


Another great benefit of using plastic wall panels is that they are waterproof. Since it is made from durable plastic, often fiber reinforced plastic, these wall panels can withstand high level of rain. In this regard, wall panels made from plastic are great outdoors as well. However, it is important to point out, though, that during installation, sealants are used on the tongue and groove to prevent rust from forming.

Durable and Easy to Clean

The upkeep of plastic wood panels is easier than most types of wood paneling. Generally, all you need to clean a plastic wood panel is just soap or water. Since it is made with reinforced plastic, you can expect a durable, yet, lightweight material. Also, because of their overall composition, these wall panels can be used together with other materials like aluminum.