Why Composting is Good For Your Garden and Environment

Ever feel guilty throwing out organic waste? Compost instead! It's simple, and simply green. 

Need more incentive to get your hands dirty? Here are some reasons why garden composting is a no-brainer.

Think about all of the biodegradable waste you'll be keeping out of landfill. Rather than slowly breaking down in a nasty plastic bag, you'll be returning these nutrients back to the earth. You'll also be reducing your carbon emissions by re-using waste matter.

Using compost helps to re-balance the acid-alkaline quality of the soil, known as its Ph. When Ph is in balance, the plants absorption of soil nutrients is greater, and ultimately, you get a better crop. Composting also helps improve the structure, density and texture of soil, improving nutrient retention and helping to prevent erosion.

Compost creates a food source for a selection of life that keeps your soil healthy. From worms to tiny microorganisms, these creatures feed on biodegradable matter and produce soil-enriching waste.

The all-natural quality of compost means there is often no need for pesticides and fertilizers, which often contain nasty chemicals which may actually inhibit the growth of your garden (as well as being expensive). And remember - in the case of a vegetable garden, such chemicals ultimately end up in your body.

Finally, think of how great you'll feel when you know you're doing your bit for the environment!

Happy composting!