Why Crackle Paint Base and Top Coat Colors Should Contrast

Crackle paint base and top color choices depend on the color scheme of your room. You can use any color combination, but keep in mind that to achieve a great effect, you need to use a dark color and a light color for definition and contrast.

Dark Base with Light Top Coat

If you want to have a finished effect of a light piece of furniture or an accessory, you will start with a dark base. This can virtually any dark color you desire. Common colors used are dark red, hunter green, and black. More unusual options are navy blue, orange, and purple. This will be the color that will show through the cracks. You want to go light enough in your top paint coat color for the crackle will show through well. If there is not enough contrast, your base will not show through and your hard work will not have a dramatic effect.

Light base with Dark Top Coat

Starting with a light base, you will have a dark finished piece when you are done. You will use light base, and a dark topcoat so the cracks showing through will be of the light base. Again, you can use any color combination you please. You just need to have a dramatic contrast in the light and dark for the effect to really work. Having a very different contrast will assure that your project will be a success!