Why Diesel Oil Changes are Necessary

A diesel oil change is an important aspect of maintaining your diesel powered vehicle. Just as with any car, having regular oil changes can prevent big problems with the engine down the road. Here are a few reasons you should stick to a regular schedule with your diesel oil changes.

Protecting the Engine

A diesel engine needs to stay lubricated. Without proper lubrication the moving parts in the engine can become hot very quickly. The friction created from metal parts rubbing against one another, at a fast speed, will increase this heat drastically. The engine can seize, parts can start to melt, and you can face irreparable damage. If the oil level gets too low, the pump will not be able to pull the proper amount of oil in to the engine, and you can face very costly repairs.

Frequency of Oil Changes

It's a pretty standard recommendation that the oil in a gas powered vehicle be changed every 3000 miles. A diesel engine is a little different. Since these vehicles generally use synthetic oils, the oil changes are only necessary every 7500 miles, or 100 working hours. This figure can vary depending on the vehicle, and the type of oil used.