Why Foam Attic Insulation Costs More

A worker installing white, foam insulation through a hose.

Foam attic insulation costs more than other types, such as radiant barrier ceiling insulation. That's because foam attic insulation provides a higher r-value and takes more time and money to install.

The Cost of Foam Attic Insulation

On average, depending on what part of the country you live in, the cost of foam attic insulation (including labor) is about 3 times that for materials such as fiberglass insulation and radiant barrier ceiling insulation. These costs are a significant consideration when choosing an insulation material for your attic roof.

The Suitability of Foam Attic Insulation

If you can get the same energy efficiency and savings from another type of insulation, you should choose that material for your attic. Don't let the extra cost of foam insulation make you lose sight of its benefits, though. It still might be the right insulation for you in the long run.