Why Interior Decorators Shun Ceiling Fans

Although you may understand the importance of having ceiling fans in your home, specifically for air circulation, many interior designers find them to be extremely unattractive. What is it about ceiling fans that interior designers despise?

Noise and Brightness

Ceiling fans are very large and can be quite loud. They are often found in kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms.  Their size is one aspect that interior designers find ugly, but the brightness of the light fixture is also a major problem. When decorating a room, a super bright light can be quite distracting and move people's interest away from important elements in the room, such as furniture and cabinetry.

In fact, a large ceiling fan can overtake a room and make it difficult to ignore. One way of compensating for a bright ceiling fan light is to change the bulb for something more acceptable. Because ceiling fans are rarely used to provide light, it's a good idea to replace the current bulb with something much dimmer. It's also possible to install bulbs that provide softer light. Try out a few sizes and frostings before selecting a new bulb that you can live with. Colored bulbs are another option as well.

The Shade

Another aspect of ceiling fans that make them so unattractive is the shade that surrounds the bulb fixture. Sometimes they have floral scenes or frosted glass, giving a very outdated look. Luckily, it is very easy to replace glass shades. They come in a wide variety of different designs, from simple to detailed. You can purchase this item from a lighting store or thrift shop.  


Brass is another aspect of ceiling fans, especially older ceiling fans, that is very unattractive. This material does not have a pleasant appearance in most settings, and when combined with wood laminate ceiling fan blades, the look is not something interior designers prefer. One option, if you want to improve the look of a brass ceiling fan, is to spray paint the brass pieces. Popular colors include black, white, and silver.  

Another ugly feature of ceiling fans are the little details included on the fan blades. Fake wood blades with detailed designs are also very unattractive. Luckily, this type of issue can also be covered with paint. All you have to do is remove the blades and spray paint them so that they match the ceiling's color or complement the pieces of furniture contained in the room.  

Finally, the chains that are used to control the fan are also considered unattractive by most interior designers. They draw your eye to the ceiling fan and are hard to ignore. If you want to make your ceiling fan look better, consider removing the chain and installing a wall switch to control the ceiling fan. If you can't remove the chain, consider replacing it with something you find more acceptable.