What Makes Pergo Flooring Different

Laminate flooring
  • 5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-5,000

Pergo flooring is a commercial name for laminate flooring. This type of flooring first became popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when it was introduced as a cost-effective alternative to traditional wood floors.

Pros of Pergo

installing laminate flooring

There are several benefits to installing Pergo floors in a home, particularly if you decide to complete the installation yourself.


When compared to traditional wood floors, Pergo is inexpensive.


Pergo is constructed from wood products that are processed into boards, and then a thin paper pattern is attached to them. Over this, a thin layer of plastic seals and laminates the boards.

The wood products are recycled wood and the paper is usually recycled paper.

Easy to Install

In most cases, a homeowner can install a Pergo floor over the course of an afternoon or weekend. The only special tools required are a cincher or a mallet to pull the boards tight against each other.

Easy to Maintain

Pergo does not require any special waxing or cleaning solutions. Spills can usually be wiped up, and even paint or other materials that would damage a wood floor are easy to scrape up or remove without damaging the floor.


Pergo is available in a wide variety of patterns. Patterns include woods, tile, and stone, and often look very similar to the natural or real material.

Disadvantages of Pergo

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Early Pergo looked like what it was: an inexpensive alternative to natural wood or stone floors. Although contemporary Pergo has improved substantially, it does not compare well when installed directly next to natural materials.


Although Pergo is inexpensive when compared to installing wood floors, it can be more expensive than other flooring such as vinyl or adhesive tiles.


Pergo can be very easy to maintain. However, it can be easily scratched and does not do very well when installed in areas with high traffic or heavy usage.

Measuring for Pergo

installing laminate flooring

If you are planning to install a Pergo floor in your kitchen or other areas in your home, measure carefully before you purchase any planks. Measure the area of the floor.

Take into consideration whether you will install the flooring around cabinets currently installed on the floor or if you will remove the cabinets and install the flooring underneath them.

Also, take into consideration any objects like fireplace surrounds, kitchen islands, or other items you may need to cut around as you install the floor.

If your room is an irregular shape, then break the room into smaller sections and measure those areas.

Multiply the entire width and length together to calculate the square footage area. Add 10 percent to that number to account for material waste.