Why Plexiglass Is A Good Investment

Thanks to its strength and durability, plexiglass windows are a good alternative to glass. Plexiglass is a low-cost substitute and provides much of the same look and feel that glass does. It can be used in any window in the home and is easy to handle and replace.

Plexiglass Properties

Plexiglass is a plastic composite that has many of the same properties that make glass transparent and light-absorbant. Plexiglass is commonly found in aquariums and used as visors in protective helmets worn by police and firefighters. It is generally shatterproof and easy to handle compared to glass.

Plexiglass versus Glass

Plexiglass sheets are less expensive than glass and can provide a durable shield that protects a home against harsh ultraviolet light and other harmful rays from the sun. It is a good investment for windows and openings that are not main focal points in the home. This is because over time, plexiglass does scratch and become cloudy and will eventually need to be replaced.

You should not use glass cleaners or other cleaning products on plexiglass to clean it as these chemicals will scratch and dull the look of the plexiglass. You can simply wipe the surface down with a soft cloth or non-abrasive towel.