Why Purchase a Used Garage Door?

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Garage doors are a long-lasting home appliance, and even a used garage door can still provide many of the same benefits of a new garage door at a much lower price.

It's All About Aesthetics
Garage doors last many years, and it is not uncommon for a homeowner to replace the garage door for purely aesthetic purposes, either after owning a home for many years or after buying a new home. The old garage door is often completely functional, and sometimes even in perfect aesthetic condition.

If you are buying a used garage door, you may have to be more flexible in your desires or wait longer to find your perfect door, but you can definitely find quality used doors on the market.

Value is in the Eye of the Beholder
Though garage doors last many years, they will significantly decrease in value almost immediately after they are installed new. A quality used door will cost significantly less than a new garage door, even though the products may be virtually identical.

Broken? Not Necessarily!
Some used garage doors may be sold as "broken" when in fact they only need minor repairs. You may be able to purchase a broken garage door and repair it by only replacing part or all of the garage door opener. You may also be able to purchase a broken garage door and repair it by replacing the opener with the opener from your old garage door.

These purchases definitely require careful examination because a broken garage door may need minor repairs, but it may also need major repairs that can cost more than a new garage door. However, it is still possible to find and repair a used garage door for significantly less money than a new garage door!