Why Sealant and Absolute Black Granite Don't Mesh

There are reasons why sealant and absolute Black Granite don’t mesh. If you plan to install black granite in your home, using a sealant as a protective covering will not do the trick and there are reasons why. On the technical side, granite in general should be sealed once or twice a year to prolong its durability from constant exposure to chemicals and other acidic substances.


There are a lot of stones that are used for the household, this includes granite. Since there are many types of granite stones available in the market, the first thing you need to do when selecting granite, especially when you opt for darker colored granite, is to ask your supplier for its maintenance.

And if you plan to choose black granite, also take note there are many varieties of this stone available: Star Galaxy, Black Pearl and Absolute Black Granite. These 3 vary in appearance: Star galaxy having bronze and copper flecks in its appearance; Black pearl, on the other hand, has an opalescent surface. Absolute Granite is the blackest among the three, containing no specks or opalescence at all. This is also the most popular among the mentioned.

Use a Sealant

Now, when buying a stone or anything that requires some maintaining in the future, the first thing you need to know is which cleansing product is compatible to your prized item. In regards to stone, it is known that using a sealant will not necessarily provide protection to your granite top. Not that it’s inadequate; the reason why Sealant and Absolute Black granite don’t mesh is because Black Granite is not porous. Meaning, this granite stone wouldn’t absorb the sealant. The formation of hazy streaks on the stone’s surface is also a downside when sealant is applied on the stone.

Although absolute black granite is strong enough to withstand heat and knife stains, applying sealant wouldn’t damage the stone but it could ruin its appearance.

The best tip before buying your stone is to check how durable the stone is, and if the stone requires any application of sealant in the future.

Also keep in mind that some dark-colored granite stones are non-porous. Meaning, this characteristic will not absorb the sealant. And in this case, Absolute Black granite is a non-porous stone. If you plan to use a granite table top for bathroom or kitchen, you are sure that the durability of this stone is tough and reliable.


The best method for maintaining absolute black granite or any dark granite stone is by using water and mild soap. Unless a sealant is required, soap and water are the best option in maintaining your granite stone. If there is a spill on your granite, immediately wipe it away. Avoid letting the spill stay on the stone for a long time for it may stain or discolor the surface, thus making it difficult to mend. Remember to test your stone first before making any purchases to avoid any problems or inconveniences later on.