Why Silestone Countertops are a Good Granite Alternative

Placing silestone countertops in your home is a great and inexpensive alternative to using granite. While silestone is less expensive that granite, it also boasts several other benefits that are significant and worth considering. Please the read the following information as to the benefits of silestone and why this material may be the perfect choice for your countertops.

Less Expensive

The greatest benefit in silestone compared to granite is the expense of the material itself. So, if you are remodeling your home on a budget, silestone is a considerable option as it will save you a great deal of money that can be used on other improvements.

Easier to Work With

Silestone is much easier to work with when remodeling your countertops as it is man-made and easily patched together. Granite, on the other hand,  is an entirely natural stone which requires the slab to be custom cut to the necessary shape and size of your countertop. This is necessary because no two pieces of granite are identical, so two pieces will not necessarily match up if placed side by side. However, silestone pieces can be purchased in pre-fabricated sizes which can be placed together without leaving an obvious seam. Overall, you'll have less difficulty both purchasing and placing the silestone when it's time for the remodel or construction of your countertops.

More Resistant to Damage

Another significant benefit of silestone is its high resistance level to damage. It is more resistant to scratches, burning, and other forms of common damage which can occur in a kitchen or bathroom. While granite is overall resistant to damage, silestone offers additional protection and durability in a countertop material. 

More Resilient Against Stains

Silestone is a non-porous material, which makes it significantly harder for stains to set in permanently. Additionally, it also prevents odors from setting into the stone. Granite, adversely, is a porous material and is more susceptible to stains and odors. Granite also requires some maintenance from time to time in order to safegaurd it against damage. Overall, silestone will provide the protection you'll need and the maintenance is minimal.