Why Sunroom Shades Can Be a Good Investment

Bright sunlight can make it difficult to enjoy the view from a sunroom, so many people choose to install sunroom shades. Window glass has a tendency to enhance the rays of the sun as they pass into a home, and sunroom shades reduce the damaging glare from the sun, provide privacy and are a decorative accent to a room. Above all, they are both affordable and a good investment. 


Sunroom shades protect the furniture in the room from harsh sunlight and excessive heat during the warmer months. They reduce the costs necessary to repair or replace any indoor furniture or wall hangings that may be damaged by extensive exposure to sunlight. They also reduce the costs to repaint a room due fading wall color caused by UV rays. Shades do allow for some light, reducing the risks for moisture and mildew and any damage these may cause.

Heating and Cooling

Sunroom shades not only keep UV rays out during the hot months, they also help to keep the air in the rooms cool and reduce cooling costs. During the colder months, shades provide a type of insulation to the windows, keeping the heat in and helping homeowners save on the costs of heating and electric bills.