Why Use Deck Tile Edge Reducers?

Standard deck tile is anywhere from ½-inch to ¼-inch in thickness. A tile reducer is a piece of tile that is full thickness at one end and gradually slopes to ¼ or 1/3 regular thickness. This article will give 2 reasons why you should use deck tile edge reducers.


If edge reducers aren’t used, then you’ll have a good sized lip between the deck tile surface and the surface the tiles have been laid on. This will create a tripping hazard. Since many people entertain on their decks, imagine tripping on 1 of these lips with an armful of plates full of food or drinks.


Tile edges aren’t mean to be exposed to view. They’re designed to either butt against a neighboring tile or wall, etc. Without edge reducers, you’ll have this beautiful deck all the way up to the edges and then you’ll have this ugly edge, usually in a bright white or gray. With an edge reducer, you’ll have a nice gradual incline from the surface the tiles have been laid on that is the same color and pattern of the rest of the deck.

To have properly finished, professionally looking deck tile installation, you should always use edge reducers.  No tonly will the deck look better, but the transition will be safer.