Wicker Patio Furniture Painting

Wicker Patio Furniture suffers from the damaging effects of sun, heat and moisture. Protect your wicker patio furniture and keep it looking fresh and new by painting it. 

Step 1 - Indentify the Type of Wicker

It is important before you begin to identity the type of wicker you are painting. Two types of wicker used for patio furniture are rattan and cane. Rattan is a palm like fibrous plant manufactured into wicker. It makes a sturdy material for wicker patio furniture. Rattan is perfect for painting, staining, or varnishing. Cane is from another part of the rattan plant. It also is a strong, durable material for wicker patio furniture. However, its glossy texture is not good for the application of paint, stain or varnish. 

Step 2 - Cleaning the Wicker Patio Furniture

Vacuum or use a small soft brush to clean dirt and dust off of the wicker patio furniture. Wash the furniture with a mild detergent and warm water using a sponge or cloth. Rinse the furniture well with clear water. For hard to remove mildew spots, mix one quart warm water with two tablespoons of chlorine bleach. Wipe the solution on the stained area and let it stay for 15 minutes then rinse with water. 

Step 3 - Preparing the Wicker Patio Furniture Surface

Lightly sand the wicker patio furniture with fine grain sandpaper. Lightly sand the furniture so the paint will adhere to it. Never strip wicker patio furniture because dries out the reeds making them brittle. Repair any broken reeds with hot glue or wood glue. 

Step 4 - A Good Place to Paint Wicker Patio Furniture

If, you choose to paint the wicker patio furniture outside do it away from the house and cars. A garage is a good place to paint the furniture since it is closed off from wind and insects. When painting in a garage leave the door halfway or completely open for ventilation. Always use a drop cloth under the patio furniture to keep paint off of the floor or grass. 

Step 5 - Painting the Wicker Patio Furniture

Make sure the spray paint you use is for outdoor furniture. Spray painting wicker furniture is easier than using a paint brush. Hold the paint container eight to ten inches away from the furniture. Spray the paint in short fluid strokes and at different angles to cover all the nooks, corners and cervices. Paint the entire piece of furniture including the top and the underside. Apply several light layers of paint instead of one thick coat.  Allow the paint to dry for 20 minutes between each coat. Let the paint cure for 48 hours before sitting on the wicker patio furniture.