Will an Aluminum Boat Dock Reduce Algae Build Up?

If you use an aluminum boat dock, you can expect that algae buildup on the platform will be minimized because this type of material allows you to easily clean out algae as soon as you see them. However, this is not to say that aluminum docks are resistant to algae growth. Just like other kinds of materials submerged in or exposed to water, aluminum can be invaded by algae. In fact, this type of boat dock can become very slippery once algae have grown on its surface. The good news is that you do not need to spend on expensive cleaning solutions or hire professional cleaners to remove the algae on your aluminum water platform.

Dealing with Algae on Aluminum Docks

Unlike docks made from wood or other metals, an aluminum boat dock can be easily tidied up in three easy steps.

1. Apply non-corrosive cleaning solution. Baking soda would be a good choice. Add a few drops of water-based dishwashing liquid to get rid of any greasiness on the dock surface.

2. Rub surface using a soft cleaning pad or brush.

3. Rinse or blast the dock surface using pressure washer.

Intrinsic Properties of Aluminum against Algae

Not only is aluminum easy to clean, but a certain compound derived from it (aluminum sulfate) has also been used as a key ingredient in algae control treatments used in lakes and ponds. With this in mind, aluminum docks have intrinsic properties that can thwart the growth of algae.