Will T5 Lights Work in T8 Light Fixtures

a lamp with someone putting in a lightbulb

You've heard about T5 lights and T8 light fixtures. But do you know the exact difference between the two? More importantly, will one work on the other? Continue reading more to learn if T5 lights will work in T8 light fixtures.

What Are T5 Lights?

T5 lamps are fluorescent lamps that measure 5/8 inch in terms of diameter. The “T” in lamp nomenclature symbolizes the shape of the lamp or light fixture. “T” is short for “tubular”. On the other hand, the number following it symbolizes the diameter of the light fixture measured in eighths of an inch, meaning per 1/8ths. This means that T5 tubular light fixtures having a diameter of 5 x 1/8ths. This means that a T5 lamp measures 5/8 inch in diameter. So if that is the case, the T8 lamp is a light fixture with 8 x 1/8 inch diameter. Simply put, a T8 lamp measures 1 inch in diameter.

So Will T5 Lamps Work on T8 Light Fixtures?

The difference between sizes, design length and socket pin design among lamps is to avoid accidental switching that may cause issues with electric circuits. Because of this, you may think that T5 lamps will not work on T8 lamps. T5 lamps are shorter or smaller than T8 lamps in terms of the diameter. So it's not an ideal replacement. However, there are some luminaires that can accept both with the help of changing sockets and ballasts. You can also purchase kits online that allow you to alter the fixtures.