Window Awning Advantages

creme colored awning on a house

Installing a window awning can offer advantages above just looking great. They are easy to install and provide many benefits to your home. Here are just a few reasons you might want to consider adding window awnings to your home.

1. Curb Appeal

The most common reason people install window awnings is for aesthetic purposes. Window awnings provide an easy way to enhance the architectural design of your home. Since awnings can be found in endless patterns and styles, you can choose an awning that will match the style and décor you are trying to incorporate. These upgrades can also translate into a higher resale value of your home in case you ever decide to move.

2. Saves Money

Having awnings placed on several windows can mean a noticeable savings on your monthly utility bills. Since windows can trap heat and release it in to your home a window without an awning can end up costing you more money in cooling costs during the summer months. An awning will cut back on the amount of heat the window traps, which will translate directly into savings. In colder months an awning will help decrease the amount of cold air and chilly winds that can leak through your home via the windows. This will cut back on heating costs during the winter months.

3. Protects Your Belongings

patio awning

If you’ve ever placed an area rug near a window you know how quickly the sunlight can bleach the colors out. The UV rays from the sun can cause curtains, rugs, and even furniture to fade quickly. An awning placed over your windows will cut back on the UV rays entering your home through the windows and in turn protect your belongings from sun damage.

4. Increased Living Space

Having several awnings on your home will actually increase the amount of living space you can use. You can place patio furniture outside under the awnings and create a comfortable outdoor sitting area. Guests and family will enjoy sitting under an awning much more than sitting out in the elements. Since awnings are relatively affordable, you may want to consider adding a larger awning on the side or back of your house to increase the comfortable outdoor living space on your home.

5. Protection from the Elements

rain dripping of a patio awning

If you have landscaping under your windows an awning can be a great idea. Even with a good gutter system a downpour of rain can run down the house and cause too much water to build up in shrubs and other flowers near the windows. An awning will help divert and disperse the rain more evenly, preventing damage to any landscaped items you have under the windows.

Rain and moisture can also wreak havoc on your window frames and break down the seals much quicker. An awning will help to decrease the chances of damage from excessive rain.

There are several reasons why adding awnings to your home will be a good idea. Whatever your reasons are, you will enjoy several advantages to having awnings on your exterior windows.