Window Replacements for Extra Large Glass

When you are ready to shop for replacements, for an extra large glass window, you should consider many features. Most extra large windows do not open and are referred to as “fixed." Due to the lack of support toward the middle, the size alone makes them vulnerable to breakage.

Glass Selection

An extra large glass window's primary function is to provide an unobstructed view. These windows do not move, therefore, the installation of a replacement window seal should remain tight, eliminating air leakage. The replacement windows will undoubtedly be exposed to heat and cold, allowing these elements to transfer right into the home, unless otherwise protected. One way to protect your home from energy loss is to purchase double pane or triple pane glass replacement windows. Tempered glass is another option; it is multiple times stronger than standard glass.

Energy Ratings

Energy efficiency factors are import for all window glass, however, more so with extra large glass windows.  There are several ratings to consider. U- Factor, VT or visible transmittance, and SHGC Solar heat gain coefficient. Do not just run out and buy the highest of all these ratings. What works in Alaska won’t work in Nevada. You should check with your local power company or building department, to determine which ratings work for your region, before purchasing your replacement windows.