Window Screens

Window screens allow fresh air in but keep pests and insects out. New window screens are lightweight and longer lasting than old screens made of galvanized steel that rusted and sagged over time.

Types of window screens

Custom made window screens are made to a specified window size. Screens are manufactured for double hung, slider, or casement windows. The screens are attached to the inside of the window.

Adjustable window screens are installed without the use of tools or fasteners. Just place the screen in the window and adjust it to the required width. Note that only the width is adjustable. The screen is held in place by closing the window on top of it.

Retractable window screens allow an unobstructed view when they are rolled up like a shade. These screens are custom made for almost any type of window.

Window screen materials

Aluminum window screens are found in many older homes. They are corrosion free due to a protective coating. The strength of the material prevents sagging.

Fiberglass window screens are constructed vinyl coated material that is now standard in new construction. Fiberglass screens have great durability. They can withstand weather exposure and are still able to maintain their shape.

Solar window screens are designed to stop sun glare and heat. They also reduce air conditioning costs by cutting down the amount of heat that enters a home. Other added benefits to solar screens are the privacy and protection they provide from ultra violet light.