Window Seat Bench: Temporary and Hassle-Free

A Window Seat Bench is different from a fitted window seat because they are temporary and can be moved whenever needed. A fitted window seat screws directly into your wall and cannot be moved. A bench, however, is a standalone piece of furniture that doesn't need to be tied back to the wall. There are many advantages to using a window seat bench as opposed to a fitted window seat.


The fact that a window seat bench is freestanding makes it easy to put wherever you like. This can be moved around or completely taken out to decorate your room. These can be adjusted and painted very easily because they can be removed from the room.

When repainting your window bench, you don't have to worry about destroying the paintwork in the rest of your room. Instead, you can take it out of the room and carefully paint it outside.


Unlike many window seats, benches include lots of storage space underneath. This means that they serve the job of two pieces of furniture. They are capable of being a comfortable bench and also have loads of space to store all sorts of your belongings.

Because window seat benches are freestanding pieces of furniture, many of them have hollow interiors. This means that you can often lift the top off the seat and use it to store all types of items including vacuum cleaners and numerous other things. There is a lot of space that would otherwise be wasted. These benches also keep a lot of your belongings out of sight.

Window benches can be made or purchased which have shelves underneath, or an empty void that can be filled with lots of different things. The option you choose will depend on your personal preferences.


Another great thing about temporary seat benches is that they are modular. Multiple units can be fitted together to make a U shape or L shaped unit. These are all freestanding and so can fit into a variety of different spaces. Design your very own window seat benches by fitting lots of different units together.


Fitting a window seat can be difficult because it involves drilling holes and fixing batons to the wall. Window benches on the other hand are much easier. Because these don't attach to the wall in any way they do not cause any damage to your house. There's no need to worry about having to redecorate your walls if you ever decide you don't want the window seat anymore.


Unlike a window seat, you are not confined to the exact dimensions of your window. These benches are much more flexible and can create all sorts of different designs. These can also be much wider than a window seat because they have their own legs for support.

Unlike a window seat, a window seat bench is a piece of furniture that can be moved from room to room if required. These can also be adjusted by cutting them down in size if you want to fit them to a different window.