Window Seat Cushions: A Fabric Guide

Window Seat Cushions offer important comfort to anyone that has a window seat in their home. Window seats themselves are a very efficient use of space. The space around your window would be wasted otherwise and fitting these window seat cushions can be a great way to create extra seating space.

Making Window Seat Cushions

Most window seats are unique to your room, this means that no two window seats will ever be the same. Because of this finding a cushion from a shop to fit the window seat can be very difficult. Instead you will need to learn how to make your own cushions. Fortunately making cushions isn't actually that complicated as you only need to use fabric, foam and a sewing machine to make them.

Flat rectangles are cut out of the material and then stitched together leaving one side open. The pocket can be turned so that the fabric is the right way around and then stuffed with whatever material you are using. The most common type of stuffing is foam as this gives a professional look and feel.

Choosing Fabric

There are hundreds of different types of fabric, from velvet to silk. For use as a cushion you want a fairly heavy duty fabric which won't pull easily and which won't wear too quickly. There are many examples of possible fabric choices for anyone with a window seat.

If you want to go down the luxury route then you might like to consider the idea of using leather to upholster your window seat cushions. If you do decide to use leather, make sure you have the tools required to sew it. Leather is more difficult than any other material because it is in fact animal skin.

More conventional options are fabrics made from either cotton or man-made fibres. These offer good durability and are also much more affordable. They are also available in a wide range of different colors which means that they will suit every room.


When choosing the color and type of fabric you want to use it's important to think about your lifestyle and the people in your house. If you have pets or young children, it might be a much more sensible option to choose a material which is either wipe clean or dark colored. This will minimize the chances of it becoming stained or getting damaged. Leather, for example, is very good for children because it can be wiped clean. However, it may not be so good with pets that may scratch the leather.

Careful Choice

Spend time carefully choosing the type of material you want to use to avoid a mistake. Any mistakes could be costly to put right and will also waste a lot of your time. Choosing material which is durable will make it possible to make window seat cushions which will last for many years to come.

Higher quality material might be more expensive, however, the slightly increased cost is defiantly worth it. If these cushions are treated well, they might even out live you!