Secure Your Home Window for Maximum Safety

Window security provides a first line of defense against home intruders.  While windows provide natural light and let residents enjoy the view of a garden or natural vista, broad panes of glass are also natural and easy entry points for burglars.

Low-impact window security
Simple and inexpensive home window security measures can preserve the benefits of windows while minimizing the windows’ security risk. Locks, security screens and window films can secure windows almost invisibly. 

High-impact window security
Stronger measures like gates and bars offer better protection for windows by making it impossible for a person to get through even if the glass breaks. While these provide an effective deterrent, they may also disrupt the view and give a prison ambience to the home if aesthetics are not considered.

Safety considerations
Measures that keep intruders from getting in also prevent occupants from getting out in an emergency.  When designing a home window security system, always ensure that bedrooms have an emergency exit in case of fire.