Window Security: Adding Childproof Hardware

What You'll Need
Window film
Window guards
Suction cup guards

When you are trying to make your home safe for children, you have to take into consideration window security. There are many things in your home that need to be secure in order for you to feel comfortable having your child inside the house. Cupboards and cabinets need to be protected, doorways need to be locked and baby gates need to be place at the top of and bottom of stairs. Window security is often forgotten with all of the possible hazards. This article will show you ways on how to make your windows secure for your child.

Step 1 - Protecting the Window

The window itself can be a danger. You have to worry about the child opening the window and climbing out but you also worry about the window breaking. Children like to pick things up and throw them around. A window makes for a very easy and convenient target for any item sitting around. It is a good idea to place heavy objects out of the reach of children. This is not always going to stop an item from being hurled at a window.

Cover your windows with a layer of window film on the inside of the house. You can use clear film but you can also use tinted window film. This film will not stop a window from breaking but it will prevent the window from shattering.

Step 2 - Stop the Window from Opening

Many windows often slide open from one direction or another. This is a hazard for any child who is at the stage of exploration. They like to see how things work. They begin opening up cabinets and drawers to crawling around closets. Opening a window and falling through or climbing out is pretty easy for them to do. Having a screen on the window is now a safety precaution against curious children.

There are also clamps you can buy at various department stores that latch on to a window where it opens and closes. These clamps are made out of metal which makes them hard to remove. They are fastened by using a small wing nut. Children often lack the dexterity to twist a wing nut which makes this safety hardware a must for homeowners that have windows that slide open from the side. There are other latches available that are like those found for cabinet doors. These latches are often used on window that open by sliding them upward.

Step 3 - Swinging Window Safety

Other types of windows are a little trickier to secure. Among these are windows that swing open. There are several kinds of latches that prevent the window from swinging open far enough to be trouble. One of the most popular to use is a suction cup guard as they can easily be removed from a window. Another style is an aluminum window guard which you attach to the tracks of the window and it stops the window from opening at all to properly secure it.