Window Treatments for a Trapezoid Window

A home with a trapezoid window.

The trapezoid window is a beauty in any home. Modern homes are built with sloping roofs. The windows that are near the roofs are built to follow the slopes. While the trapezoid window adds eye-catching beauty, it is also difficult to use with window treatments because of the different sizes and angles. Generally, a trapezoid window will have two sides that are parallel. One or both of the remaining sides will have angles. If you are equipped with a few solid ideas, you can add window treatments to your trapezoid window.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds offer a great choice for treating your trapezoid window. You will want to ensure that you buy a special sloped track to fit the dimensions of your window when you choose this type of treatment. Vanes are stacked to the highest point of the window. So if the highest point of your window is in the center, so will be the vanes. You can open vertical blinds or close them completely to enhance your privacy.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds add exceptional eye appeal to your already beautiful window design. Depending upon the location of your angle, the wood blind may not be able to be raised completely or raised at all. For a window that has a top angle, the wood blind can be lifted only to the lowest point of the angle. If your trapezoid window has a side angle, you can lower and raise a wood blind completely if the angle is not too sharp. For a trapezoid window with a bottom angle, you won't be able to raise the blind at all. However, you can tilt the blinds to allow as much light in as you want.

Sliding-Head Rail Shade

This unique window treatment idea allows the shade to raise to the top of the window completely and evenly. What's unique about the sliding rail is that the shade fits evenly in the smallest part of your window. This means that the shade doesn't have to stop at the point where your window angles. This allows you to enjoy the complete beauty of the view from the outside. This type of shade, however, is designed to be completely up or completely down. You won't be able to pull the shade halfway up.

Woven Wood

Woven-wood treatments are made from woods, bamboo, and grasses woven together for an exotic appearance. This type of treatment is made for the window with an angled top only. While it is beautiful, you will sacrifice in the shade's operation. You can only raise the bottom of this shade along the straight portion of the window. Thus a triangular portion of the top of the window will remain uncovered when the shade is fully raised.

Silhouette Treatment

If you are just looking to balance the light coming into your home or match the ambiance of the room, the silhouette window treatment is an ideal candidate. You cannot raise or lower it. It remains fixed and the vanes are positioned open.