Window Treatments for Glass Bifold Doors

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Glass bifold doors encourage ample lighting in a room as well as a unique appearance and functionality. Unlike standard sliding glass doors, bifold doors are split into sections and fold in half along a runner, typically situated at the top of the door, in order to open. While many glass bifold doors have a lovely appearance and aesthetic on their own, you may want to consider the following window treatment ideas for decorating your glass bifold doors.

Drapes and Blinds

Two of the most common window treatments for glass bifold doors are drapes and blinds of different varieties. Standard hanging drapes allow for privacy when the doors are closed, but must be drawn open in order to open the bifold door completely.

Venetian blinds and other horizontal blinds provide the same effect. If you decide to install horizontally hanging blinds over your glass bifold door, ensure that you install the blinds high enough that they will be entirely out of the way of the runner for the door. If you aren’t careful, the door may catch on the blinds as you open it.


Many homeowners choose to cover their glass bifold doors with tapestries and other hangings. Soft, partially transparent tapestries allow for light to enter the room but increase the level of privacy. Consider a pastel color in a light silk fabric. Again, it may be best to hang the fabric as you would a hanging drape. Set 2 sections of fabric on a runner above the top of the door. This will allow you to open and close the drapes depending upon the status of the door itself.

Screens of various kinds will help to filter the light. Although they do not enhance the privacy of your glass bifold doors, they will moderate direct sunlight that comes into the room through the door.

Glasswork and Other Door Patterns

You may decide to make use of the natural design functions of glass when installing glass bifold doors. For a variation on the standard design, you may consider installing frosted glass. This serves to both filter incoming light and offers privacy. You may also consider the possibility of etching the glass. In some cases, glass bifold doors may even feature colored or stained glass. In these cases, the light that enters the room is strongly filtered, and it may even set the room in the color of the stained glass. For this reason, it is best to only experiment with these possibilities if you are sure of yourself.

For more information on window treatments for glass bifold doors, tips on how to select and install your treatments, and price guidelines, visit a drapery store or glass store. When in doubt, start with small treatments that are easily removed or modified. Expand from there to include more ambitious and expensive window treatments for your glass bifold doors.