Window Film - Providing Beauty Invisibly

What home furnishings product can beautify a room without even being seen? The answer: Window film. Among the many benefits of this frequently invisible product is the ability to block ultraviolet light, the damaging rays of the sun that can cause severe fading of draperies, carpet and other furnishings.

The trait of invisibility may surprise some homeowners, who think of window film in the same context as automobile window tinting. However, much of the window film on the market today is totally transparent while providing such benefits as reduction of heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter, reduction of glare, safety and security, aesthetics, privacy as well as fade resistance.

"Window film can reduce unwanted summer heat gain by up to 80 percent, lowering the temperature of a room 10 to 15 degrees in the vicinity of the window," stated Jim House, president of Midwest Marketing, which distributes Madico Window Film. "In the winter, valuable heat is reflected back into the room, minimizing that cold-wall effect."

The fade-resistant quality is beneficial not only for those in the Sunbelt but for those who live in wintry climates. "Fading happens everywhere," stated Virginia Kubler, director of sales and marketing for Courtaulds Performance Films Inc. "People are spending more money on furnishings today, and most homes have huge expanses of glass."

Window film can be especially helpful in solariums or rooms with skylights. "A lot of people put solariums in their homes and then can't use them because of the intense sunlight overhead," stated Jim Mannix, technical service specialist for 3M's Do It Yourself and Construction Markets Division. "Window film certainly makes the room more comfortable."

Kubler concurred, noting that the most effective films reduce solar energy coming in the window by 79 percent.

All of this, and you don't have to worry about a yellow or bronze tint on your windows. So, you can maximize the beauty of your room - all thanks to something sight unseen.

Courtesy of the Paint and Decorating Retailers Association -