Wine Bar Decor Ideas

Full wine glasses and a bottle sitting next to a bucketful of grapes.
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In recent years, wine bars have become very popular for private homes. They provide an elegant area where your guests can join together and relax during a party. To maximize your wine bar's potential, though, it's essential to create a beautiful, inviting surrounding around it. Consider the following options when you are ready to decorate your personal wine bar.

Start with the Floor

The flooring you use around your wine bar creates the foundation for your décor. Ceramic tiles can provide a warm tone, while earthy tiles that reflect red clay or natural stone can lend an Italian feel. Beautiful cherry wood can also provide an excellent foundation for your theme. In either case, you can use throw or area rugs to accent your floor. Consider deep hues of maroon, purple, green, or blue to accent your area.

Your Wall Colors Are Vital

Take great care when choosing the colors for your walls. It will have a vital impact on the mood of your wine bar. Some people choose to use wall coverings such as wood or wallpaper. Many decorators suggest using paint and alternating wall colors. You might even choose to implement large mirrors in the space behind the bar if you have a small area.

The key is to make the wall colors flow with the floor and the decorations. If you have a cherry wood floor, you obviously do not want to use light oak wallboards. If you decide to use paint, remember to use at least 2 different harmonizing colors. Paint the darkest color on the wall that will be in the background and the lighter color on the wall in the foreground.

Choose Your Decorative Theme

Many people decorate wine bars with grapes, pictures of vineyards, and dried vines. This is only one option for decorating your space, though. You could collect antique wine bottles or corks to display for a unique look. You could also find real black and white photos of vineyards to give your wine bar a modern look. Your options are truly limitless.

Display Your Wine

Your wine bar is obviously centered around the wine you will offer. Do not hide your beautiful wine bottles away in the cellar.

Instead, purchase a beautifully-constructed wine cabinet to display your bottles. Your friends will love looking at the bottles and examining the different brands and vintages you offer. You can also use wine racks to display your various bottles if the environment in your wine bar is safe for storing wine. Displaying your glasses and corkscrews in plain sight will give your wine bar an authentic feel.