Wine Cellar Shelf Construction Tips

When planning a wine cellar, consider the types and number of wine shelves you will need.

Tip One – You Always Need More

When deciding how many bottles of wine that your shelf should be able to hold, keep in mind that wine collections tend to quickly get bigger. To accommodate growth, plan enough slots for future and unanticipated wine purchases and gifts.

Tip Two - Use the Right Wood

If you're planning on building wooden shelves, make sure to purchase a quality hardwood. Pine is the wood of choice, though unfinished maple or better quality woods may be used.

When choosing your lumber, look for 1x2 inch pieces. This size lumber will make construction, and proper bottle spacing, of your shelves much easier.

Tip Three – Consider Commercial Wire Racking

Many modern wine cellars store bottles on wire racking instead of wood. Wire wine racks can be installed much more easily and quickly than wood and are relatively inexpensive. Also, the open air design of wire racks allows for good air flow around the bottles.

Whatever choice you make for wine cellar shelving, spending a little time, planning and preparing your design, can save you a lot grief and delay during the construction phase.