What Color(s) Should I Paint a Winnie the Pooh Room?

A kid in a Winnie the Pooh costume.

Q. I have decided on Winnie the Pooh as the nursery theme and I cannot decide on a wall color. I have narrowed down the choices to Christopher Robin green (think sage) and Tigger's Tummy yellow (think buttercup). There are two full-length windows on one wall (porch prevents direct sun from these windows) and a double closet on another short wall. The room trim is white so there are only two full, uninterrupted walls. Should I consider both colors in wide stripes or should I consider both colors on opposing walls? What about one color on the lower half and the other on top separated by a border or chair rail?

A. Let the accessories guide you. If you're using the coordinating curtains or draperies, paint the window wall at least with whatever color would be best with that. You could do the other three walls the other color. Or you can use four different colors that will all work with the theme, but are soft enough to not be too obnoxious. Paint each wall a different color and put the border at the ceiling.

Just use the colors that go with your border: buttercup, sage, peachy, and or maybe sky blue. Then put your border at the top. The two on two idea sounds good, sage on the north and south walls, yellow on the east and west - colorful but not too busy. Use the border at the top, since a border at chair rail height can get picked off by curious and/or mischievous little fingers. Borders up high are the safest way to go in a child's room. Between the green and yellow, go with yellow, because you can add chambray fabric to yellow and "boy it up" if need be, or add white eyelet lace to girl it up. It's just cheerier than the sage and goes better with wood furnishings.